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Learning to ride ...



Whether you just take CBT to start riding your own machine or take further lessons with your training body you must regard motorcycling as a skill which needs to be carefully mastered to enable a lifetime of safe and enjoyable travel. When it comes to it, simply learning to pass the test is not enough.


We aim for all our customers to become competent, knowledgeable riders who are able to demonstrate a high level of awareness and anticipation. To achieve this our lessons are geared towards customers covering as much mileage as possible during training, and in a wide variety of traffic conditions. For this reason we do not offer "intensive" courses for new riders; instead we prefer the traditional approach of lessons or bundles of lessons spread over time, giving the customer time to absorb what they are learning, and reflect upon this newfound knowledge between lessons. We think this is the most effective method of learning to become a competent motorcyclist.


At Moto-Technique we pride ourselves in not just getting people to pass their tests as safely and effeciently as possible but ensuring everyone who learns with us absorbs what is needed to be a safe, considerate and confident rider.


Click on the menus above to find detailed information about the services and training we offer here at Moto-Technique. Although every session is tailored to the needs of the individual learner, as requirements and experience can differ, contact us to get a more tailored explanation of our services.


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