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This page is solely for fun. Pictures and jokes related to bikes (or anything we find interesting enough to add) will be added here as and when we come across them.


Anybody remember STOMP and their video stomp out loud? They made music using items such as brushes, bottles, bin lids and anything else that came to hand. For those who know it and want to hear it again, turn the speakers up and click here. For anyone who has never heard of them, give the link a try. It is well worth it!

Further to the Stomp idea. There is another group of people who occasionally throw out something worth watching and listening to. The Blue man group. Known to most in the UK as the guys who were used in advertising for Intel, they did something similar to the Stomp stuff using drain pipes. Personally I think this is awesome and well worth seeing. The sound they get from it is phenomenal. Kind of reminded me of knight rider initially. As with the Stomp video, turn your speakers up and click here to see the video. Another one, Earth to America Blue men again Drum Painting.

Old bike joke ... Those aint udders
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